26 July, 2017

"The Simple Bar Necessities . . . "


With Summer entertaining in full-swing - it's always best to be sure that your bar is fully stocked and ready to party.  Have a look through our jaunty selection of barware at Scot MeachamWood Home - and be sure that you are the hit of the night!

Also don't forget about our SMW Home Barware Give-Away.  Just "like" our SMW Home Facebook page for a chance to win this set - valued at over $250.00 - the set includes a pair of our ElkHead Cocktail Glasses, a vintage cocktail shaker, and a set of our SMW Home Cocktail Napkins.  Good luck - and cheers to Summer.  Contest ends at midnight August 6th - and the winner is announced August 7th.


19 July, 2017

"SMW Home Giveaway . . . "

Thanks to each one of you and your generous support, Scot Meacham Wood Home is having an amazing year - and since you can't join us for a celebratory cocktails, let us join you. 

Enter for a chance to win this perfect cocktail service for two valued at over $250! The prize includes a pair of SMW Home Elk Head Glasses, a Set of Custom Cocktail Napkins, and a Vintage Cocktail Shaker.  

To enter - simply "like" our Scot Meacham Wood Home Facebook page. Contest ends at midnight August 6th and we will announce the winner August 7th. 

Have a look at SMW Home's marvelous collection of Barware- and find a treasure for your own home!

17 July, 2017

"Cocktail Table Styling 101 . . . "

With summer in full swing - I feel like the warmer weather gives us a chance to re-fresh our homes as well.  Today, I'd like to focus on that workhorse of the home - the cocktail table.  Here are my top 5 tips for creating a cocktail table that is both chic and functional.
1. The Books 
They're not called "coffee table books" for nothing. I love keeping a few art and photography books stacked on my table. I'll often re-arrange them and use that little spot as a revolving exhibit of my newest (or favorite) books.
2. The Box - 
I like to keep a lidded box or container on my coffee table. It's the perfect place to stash the TV remotes, extra coasters, matches, or anything else that might clutter your table. If your style is a little more modern, something in a bright lacquer could be lovely. Personally, I keep a large antique tea caddy on mine.
3. The Blossoms -
So often a coffee table is the centerpiece of our room, so it's a perfect place to keep a small arrangement of flowers. It never ceases to amaze me what a simple collection of fresh roses will do for my house. 

4. The Balance - 
I like partnering different details to create something personal, such as using a collection of hard, bright surfaces mixed with matte, organic finishes. Always keep the function of the space in mind. 

5. The Treasure - 
Keep in mind that design is all about creating moments of surprise and delight. If you're using a stack of large art books, think of them as a little "stage" where you can play with scale and place a small figurine or even a beautiful shell on top.

13 July, 2017

"Let's Deck the Walls . . . "

Because we like to change things up here at  Scot Meacham Wood Home, we are very excited to share our new collection of (drum roll please). . . Wallcoverings! All the tartans you know and love, plus some new ones.  Let us deck your walls with a wee bit of Scot Meacham Wood Home style.

Have a look at our new collection of tartan wallcoverings, made in England. Custom patterns are available. Please contact us for more information.
Cheers, Scot

06 July, 2017

"Let's Get Salty . . . "

Scot Meacham Wood Home just received some new salt and pepper shakers! Unpacking them made us remember the different myths we had heard about salt and pepper. So we did a little shaking around and found some interesting ideas about this spice etiquette. Here are a few that we came across. 
Bon Appetit! 

1. Always pass the salt and pepper together.
Even if the person only asks for one, you should always pass both. Think of it as the salt and pepper shakers being married. Let's not create a shake up between them.
2. Taste your food first.

You may want to taste the food first before deciding if it needs salt or pepper. Some chefs might be offended if you assume they didn't season their food well enough. The last thing we need is a salty chef. 
3.  Spilled salt.
The Last Supper has revealed to us two trivial superstitions: first, you should never seat 13 at dinner and second, that spilling salt brings bad luck. Because of Judas Iscariot, spilled salt is identified with betrayal and lies. If you happen to spill salt or pepper, a pinch thrown over your left shoulder is supposed to blind the devil waiting behind you.

21 June, 2017

"The Tartanware Has Arrived . . . "

We here are Scot Meacham Wood Home are delighted to announce a new shipment of Victorian Tartanware Boxes has arrived at SMW Home.  These wee treasures dating from over 150 years ago have always delighted me.  They are the perfect mixture of Scottish history, the decorative arts, and a time-capsule of the Victorian lifestyle.  One of the best-known creators of these tartanware mementos, W&A Smith began custom-painting papers with clan tartans and then varnishing the sheets onto Mauchline wood boxes - creating the well-known Tartanware Boxes we know today.  In true Victorian fashion, these mementos celebrated the classic 19th-century lifestyle.  There were tartanware containers hiding a tiny compass, small boxes to carry one's snuff , and endless variations on stamp and pill boxes. Because the Victorian loved games - cribbage boards and playing card boxes were also very chic! 
Hop over to Scot Meacham Wood Home and explore the entire collection!



02 May, 2017

"The Derby is Coming . . . "


Derby Day is just around the corner (or about to enter the home stretch - depending on the metaphor!) and I want to make sure that you and your bar are ready to entertain.

We have a glorious collection of vintage barware at SMW Home - all ready to make you a first-place winner with all of your friends.

Check out our selection of barware, bar tools, and cocktail shakers - as well as our charming new Julep Cups - all from SMW Home.  



27 April, 2017

"The Italians are Coming . . . "

We like to keep things fresh and exciting here at Scot Meacham Wood Home - and bring a fresh point of view to all the things that we love.  So it is with great pride that I introduce you to our new collection "The Italian Tartans" - milled in Italy.  Now, you might not immediately think of Mediterranean when you think of classic Highland tartans - and that's what we LOVE about this new collection.  I wanted to find a slightly different colour palette - and keep expanding our collection in fresh and exciting ways.

Have a look at our new collection of custom Italian tartans and solids.  Made in Italy from a mixture of 100% new and recycled wool. 

10 February, 2017

"A Tale of Waffles and Tartans . . . "


When Drew and I were back in Mississippi visiting my mother in the hospital several years ago, our red-eye flight mixed with the long drive to my folk's house meant we were stopping at a Waffle House along the interstate for some much-needed food.  When we were just about to dig into some of their famous waffles, a large group of hunters came in - also in need of some breakfast.  There was something fascinating about the mixture of olive & black camouflage and the orange safety vests that really intrigued me.  I made a mental note and finished breakfast.

This scene came back to me when I was working on my collection of custom designed tartans for SMW Home I began by mixing a murky olive, black, and bright, caution orange together . . . then, I added in a few hints of clear blue and a pinky, rose that recalled the morning sky.  Thus, Winston Tartan was born.  Certainly a more modern mix of colours for a tartan - but, all in a very classic Highland style. 
The name, Winston Tartan, also has a bit of a story too - it's named after the county where I grew up.  A gentleman named Louis Winston, a native of Virginia, moved to the Mississippi  territory before it was even a state.  He became a noticeable lawyer and the colonel of a regiment of  militia and became a judge of the Mississippi Supreme Court from 1821 until his death in 1824.  Both Winston County and its county seat, Louisville, were named for him.  Winston County, Alabama, was named for his kinsman John A. Winston, who served a Governor of Alabama from 1853 to 1857.

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